Khto roste u parku

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"Khto roste u parku" is a story about the important things in life: personal growth and finding yourself, as well as the importance of having a friend in life who is a little bit like us and shares some of our interests. And yet- people, just like trees, that we always walk by, are really unknown to us. This book will be useful to anyone who wants to know the names of the most common trees and learn how to distinguish them: a fabulous storybook format with great illustrations make it easy to remember how the bark, seeds, leaves, and blossoms appear. The protagonist, a little sprout that grew up in the Park of trees, observes its neighbours carefully- he is surrounded by birch, oak, ash, maple, ash, chestnut, poplars, willows, etc. He is seeking a plant like himself, because happiness – is to find in this world, someone like yourself.