Between Hitler and Stalin. Ukraine in WWII. The Untold Story

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A companion to the prize-winning documentary film of the same title, published in 2004, can readily stand on its own. The focus is primarily on the 1941-1945 period, but also includes important events preceding World War II and some discussion about what happened after the war officially ended. A brief comparison of Hitler and Stalin is mentioned. Authors argue that although “Hitler and Stalin ideologies appeared to be dissimilar, in application they were both based on the same general principles […] opposition was to be destroyed by the most expedient means.” Everyone knows that Hitler started with the Holocaust of the Jewish population, but few realize that Ukrainians were scheduled next. That is because Ukrainian land was the so called ‘Breadbasket of Europe’ and was needed by Hitler as living space for German expansion. And Stalin actually preceded Hitler when in 1933 he organized the genocide of Ukrainian peasants. Then in 1945 Stalin wanted to relocate the remaining Ukrainians to Siberia. According to Nikita Khrushchev, it did not happen only because there were just too many of them.