Rozstriliane Vidrodzhennja

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Rozstriliane Vidrodzhennja describes an important chapter in the history of Ukrainian literature. This short period - the 1920s - early 1930s - witnesses enough uncompromising masterpieces of countless talented daring and innovative artists for a whole century.
Each of the prominent figures in Rozstriliane Vidrodzhennja describe their experiences in the repressive machinery of a totalitarian system. The fate of almost all the artists of this generation are described with words such as "shot", "died in exile", "committed suicide." This book contains the poetry of Paul Ticino, Mikhail Semenko, Nicholas Zerov, Eugene Pluzhnyk and Maxim Rila as well as proses of Mykola Khvylovy, Gregory Kosynka, Yuri Yanovsky and Ostap Vyshni. Contains some illustrations as well