Christ is Born: Hymns and Carols for the Nativity

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Axios men's ensemble performs church Christmas and epiphany carols in this beautiful, new recording. Hymns and carols of the Nativity under the direction of Michael Zaugg.

  1. God Is with Us
  2. Lesser Doxology: Glory to God in the Highest
  3. Who Is so Great a God as Our God
  4. The Nativity of Christ
  5. Christ Is Born
  6. Star-Covered Heavens
  7. In the Field Tills the Ploughman
  8. On Sunday Morning
  9. In the Town of Bethlehem
  10. Hear the Bells
  11. At the Dawn
  12. In the Hope of the Mother of God
  13. Rejoice
  14. Greater Doxology: Glory to God in the Highest