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Holodomor: Voices of Survivors
Survivors recount their stories of living through the little known famine or HOLODOMOR (death inflicted by starvation), a genocide engineered by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in 1932-1933. Stalin was determined to suppress Ukrainian nationhood once and for all through the decimation of Ukraine’s elites and its rural population. He introduced collectivization and confiscated all livestock, grain and basic foodstuffs, ensuring the starvation of the countryside. The world turned a blind eye as Soviet authorities exported Ukraine’s wheat to the West while millions perished.
This thirty-minute educational documentary features moving personal accounts of Canadian survivors who experienced the Holodomor as children. Narration throughout provides the historical context of the Holodomor. Illustrated with archival photos and footage obtained from Ukraine, as well as drawings by Ukrainian Canadian artist Iouri Rybalka; music is by Myroslav Skoryk; voice-overs by Luba Goy and Franko Diakowsky. Directed & Produced by Ariadna Ochrymovych