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A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine - Adventures & Misadventures Living among the Natives

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A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine is a painfully funny collection of travel nightmares, country and culture shocks experienced by an American living and working among the natives over the past 20 years. It offers practical tips on how to cope with sexy young women who view foreign men as potential ATM machines and transportation out of their closed countries; herds of stampeding Slavs on city streets, in metro areas and supermarkets; angry motorists who stop for pedestrians at crosswalks only because they are bumpier than potholes; packs of howling stray dogs who don’t understand English; and Slavic attack pigeons. This book is bound to be a source of hearty laughter and an essential guide to help Americans and other foreigners cope with, and even enjoy, the challenges of daily life in Russia and Ukraine, in addition to understanding the many harsh post-Soviet political, economic, social and environmental realities in these countries. 59 chapters with 60 original illustrations.