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Solodke Pechyvo

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Some of the sweetest memories come from our childhood, and every mother, at least occasionally wants to treat their children (regardless of age) to something absolutely exclusive - created with her own hands based on a special unique recipe. This book is full of them!
Together, the three sections of this book - "Cookies", "sweet dishes" and "Domestic procurement" - contain more than five hundred recipes, each of which includes a specified set of ingredients and a description of the preparation process of various types of dough and creams, fillings, pomadok, cake decorations, pastries, pies, rolls, medivnykiv, cakes, puddings and countless other small treats.
This edition includes directions with more modern appliances such blenders (instead of mortars!), mixers and other electric kitchen appliances and a more familiar vocabulary to the readers.
Publishers would like to thank Mrs Star Zhovniruk, and her daughter Daria Tsvyek for help in preparing a new edition - a real, time-tested "sweet bestseller".