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The True Story of Santa's Sleigh

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The True Story of Santa's Sleigh captures the magic and fantasy of Christmas. Taking place in the countryside several days after Christmas, a sparkle is revealed in the freshly fallen snow as the sun peeks through the clouds. What could this be? Where did it come from?

Soon after, the children become wrapped up in the mystery of a sleigh abandoned in a snowdrift. Curious letters begin to arrive. Who are these letters from? Is it possible that the sleigh belongs to Santa?

Through the letters a secret relationship develops between Santa and the children. Santa shares anecdotes about his northern home and the busy preparations for Christmas Eve.

One day Santa has a special request for the children. In order to help Santa, the children must discover the power and magic of the Christmas Spirit within themselves, and once they do something extraordinary takes place that one special Christmas Eve. 

The illustrations in the story capture the icy-cold landscape of a Canadian country winter. The curling and trailing smoke from the chimneys and the warm glow from within the homes and church provide a cozy, inviting and reassuring contrast.

This sweet Christmas story is sure to encourage imagination and warm feelings.