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Ladies ¾ sleeve Podolianka shirt red

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Women's embroidered shirt Podolyanka red on black, sleeve 3/4. The black blouse made of pleasant to the touch viscose fabric is decorated with bright embroidery Podolyanka, which combines geometric shapes and flowers of red and white. Embroidered shirts are black, the color of the embroidery can be red, blue or orange. The 3/4 sleeve is also decorated with cross-stitch embroidery. This sleeve can be called one of the most comfortable and stylish types of sleeves. It looks restrained and elegant, allows you to emphasize the elegance of women's hands, but at the same time will hide the shortcomings. For a long time in Podillya they embroidered with black threads with the addition of garnet color, sometimes in western Podillya they also embroidered yellow-orange. The ornament was dense geometric, composed of individual figures connected with each other. Ritual towels were also embroidered with black stripes, as well as with the addition of yellow-orange and red.

PLEASE NOTE: All the Lesia Fashion Shirts & Blouses are warehoused in Lviv Ukraine, and then flown express to us in Montreal. Upon arrival your order is filled from Montreal in a separate package. It could take us between 2-3 weeks to fulfill your order. Yevshan supports small businesses in Ukraine with these sales.