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Intricate Handmade Pysanka (Single Assorted)

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Single traditional geometric-design pysanka: Intricately detailed egg shell pysanka is beautiful to look at! Each pysanka is unique, designs vary, and all are of superior quality. Pysanky are chicken-size. (made on blown, cleaned and sanitized eggshells) This makes a wonderful gift - year round, for both Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians.
Over the centuries, and around the world, eggs have been a part of spring and Easter celebrations because of their association with rebirth and renewal. They are the oldest universal symbol associated with celebratory spring rituals. Coloring them is a spring tradition that also dates back to prehistory. In Ukraine, eggs were decorated and given as gifts, as good-luck talismans for the home. The tradition is continued in the art of pysanky.