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11 Minutes - Odynadtsjat Khvylyn

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One of the main goals of humanity is to recognize all-encompassing love within ourselves. It only needs to be awakened. But for this, we need another person. The world makes sense only when we have someone to share our feelings with. Such meetings happen when we are nearing the edge - when we need to die and be emotionally reborn. These meetings await us - but we generally avoid them. However, when we are filled with despair - when we have nothing more to lose, or alternatively, when we are very happy, then the unknown makes itself known, and our world changes its course. This book is somewhat different from the author's other books in style and content, but is equally compelling. NOTE: adult content (subject matter deals with prostitution). Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian writer, born in 1947. He is one of the most influential and best-loved authors of the present century, read in over 150 countries. His works have topped the bestseller lists, and are translated into 61 languages. The ideas, philosophy and subject matter touch the aspirations of millions of readers searching for meaning in the world.