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Futbolni Detektyvy

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After soccer practice, the Scorpions find a mysterious purple pouch hidden amidst their soccer bags. While following the pouch’s trail, the members of the team uncover more mysterious clues and find themselves pursuing the perpetrators of a major museum heist. Dinky cars and corks become the soccer detectives’ weapons of choice in exposing the thieves behind the theft. Join in the fun as Romko, Niunka, Kozak and the whole Scorpions team wage war on the bad guys in their own inimitable fashion.

Lesia Savedchuk is the author of a series of books in Ukrainian for beginning readers published by Dzvin Publishers in the 80’s. Among her popular titles are Tomchyk, Purpurova Plianeta and Tistechka z Mushtardoyu. In addition to books for children and young adults, she likes to write funny songs and poems, as well as humourous short plays. She has also written a series of 5 books about Ukrainian saints for upper elementary readers (in English), published by Novalis Press. Lesia lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
8" x 5", 145 pp, 9 B/W full-page illustrations by Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn. Alphabetical glossary (Ukrainian to English) included at the end of the book