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Baba's Kitchen - Ukrainian Soul Food

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Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village, third edition.
-Ukrainian Canadian Congress Special Pick Top Three Ukrainian Cookbook & Cultural Book for the past two years.

"Your book has us all laughing hysterically & uncontrollably! Daikoyu=thank you!"~Capital Ukrainian Festival, Ottawa

"Baba's Kitchen is a good companion to Savella Stechishin's book [Traditional Ukrainian Cookery]. We will be presenting copies as awards at our year end dinner.." ~ Los Angeles Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

In a rollicking, entertaining read, Baba's Kitchen will lead you into the complex soul of Eastern Europe's Indigenous people.

Ukrainian-Canadian Raisa Stone spent decades collecting outrageous stories and life advice, plus 200 recipes and home remedies from survivors of Soviet and Nazi terror---including her family. Raisa's narrator, Baba,is a composite of these invincible souls.

Ukraine has been continuously inhabited by civilized, immensely inventive people for 44,000 years.