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The CD "Bells of Chornobyl" (Chornobylski Dzvony) is a CD of 20th c. Ukrainian music from Ukraine and Canada,
both sacred (Budy imia Hospodne, Sviatyi Bozhe, Sviat, Otche nash), and secular. ( "Sviat" by Lesia Dychko is interesting as one hears the "Schedryk" motive throughout the piece.)
The programme is built around the central pieces: "Bells of Chornobyl or Chornobylski dzvony, written for the 5th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster by V. Filipenko. (I met him in Kyiv, and he asked if I would perform it.
It consists of 3 movements: 1. The disaster. 2. Consequences. 3. Never again, and hope for the future. The whole pieces is about 15 min. long.
Lesia Dychko also asked me to do: Sviatyi Bozhe, and Sviat from her 2nd Liturgy. Both virtuoso pieces.
"Vmyrala richka" speaks to ecological disaster, - The dying river.
"Khustyna" by L. Revutsky, choir, soloists and piano, - about chumaky and the plague.

Budy imia Hospodne, Otche nash, Incantation (clarinet and choir), and My Soul music by Canadian composers.