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Ladies Poppy Blossom embroidered tunic – on blue

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Poppy flower tunic on dark blue fabric with embroidered sleeves 3/4 Elongated embroidered shirt with original asymmetrical cut, decorated with a bright floral arrangement consisting of three large red poppies and small daisies, rowan berries and green leaves. Sleeve 3/4, decorated with chamomile flowers and rowan sprouts, looks restrained and elegant, allows you to emphasize the elegance of women's hands. The back of the product is sewn from two parts. Non-standard style "swallow" hem will emphasize the beauty of the figure and, falling in light waves, gently hide its possible shortcomings. Tunics are made of extremely light and pleasant to the touch fabric in the proportions of 95% viscose / 5% elastane. Perfectly sits on the figure, allows the skin to breathe, does not stretch and washes well.

PLEASE NOTE: All the Lesia Fashion Shirts & Blouses are warehoused in Lviv Ukraine, and then flown express to us in Montreal. Upon arrival your order is filled from Montreal in a separate package. It could take us between 2-3 weeks to fulfill your order. Yevshan supports small businesses in Ukraine with these sales.