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For Children

Some Suggestions

It is important to present children with toys and materials relating to their culture! Through time, they will come to appreciate the language, traditions and arts of Ukraine.

Of course, embroidered shirts and blouses are available in various sizes, embroidered by hand or machine.

There are CDs that teach basic Ukraine in a fun way. Many colorful illustrated story and alphabet books will provide hours of great entertainment. Or select the classic illustrated dictionary by Richard Scarry (Ukrainian, English, French).

Ukrainian Power is the Ukrainian equivalent of Sesame Street(TM), with a series of learning DVDs.

Tots will like the soft Ukrainian pillow cubes, or alphabet books. And you can spoil them with a soft plush Ukrainian doll in knit designs, traditional, or whimsical motanky. There are also Ukrainian design plush animal  toys.

Silver and gold tryzubs are always welcome gifts

For those who enjoy activities, choose pysanka mini-kits with tools and dyes that teach kids to write traditional pysanky. Or see the sticker books, displaying the regional clothing of Ukraine.