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A talented craftswoman -Paint by number Kit

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New Paint by numbers Kit of A talented craftswoman ©Katya Poltavska - Made in Ukraine

Size: 40х50 (19.7" x 15.8")
Number of colors: 13
Difficulty: Level 3

You will be able to create an author's masterpiece with your own hands, even if you work with canvas and paints for the first time. The fascinating drawing by numbers favorably influences mood, creative development and the pleasant result - a personal masterpiece on the wall in the interior or as a hand-made gift.

It's simple! You need to buy a painting by numbers, get it, unpack it and immediately you can start writing on your canvas with acrylic paints your theme story. Draw according to the numbered contours that correspond to the color of the paint (number on the top of the container), it will be enough to carefully paint the outlines and the real picture will begin to appear.

A set for creativity with a beautiful story on canvas and everything you need to create a finished picture:
  - Natural canvas on a stretcher with a gallery stretch. The picture shows a scheme of image outlines with numbering
  - 2 nylon art brushes
  - Juicy palette, numbered, acrylic paints in containers
  - Graphic scheme
  - Checklist
  - Instructions.

A set for creativity Picture by numbers is a perfect gift, a good souvenir and a useful acquisition for creative leisure, because the result of doing such a hobby is health benefits (rest), and the interior will acquire a beautiful decor.
Painting by numbers - A talented craftswoman ©Katya Poltavska for your creativity. Made in Ukraine.
Attention! The colors of the finished painting may differ slightly from those shown in the image!
Characteristics and equipment, which do not affect the use and functionality of the set, may be changed without notice and differ from those shown on the site!