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Red necklace "Glance of the Hutsulka"

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The necklace is one of the most ancient women's jewelry on the territory of Ukraine.
The image of a woman is created with the help of a mass of the smallest details and jewelry - one of the most important elements. Hutsul types of necklaces carved from wood are gaining more and more popularity. From time immemorial, women have worn wooden jewelry, believing in their healing properties. Once upon a time they even carried energy protection to their mistress, protecting them from the 'black eye', damage.

Numerous names - monisto, beads, corals - testify to their long history and great role in the culture of our country. For Ukrainian young ladies, the necklace has a deep and sometimes sacred meaning.
Corals are handmade by Carpathian craftsmen. Made of wood, covered with special safe paint and varnish. The beads are pleasant to the touch, they take on the temperature of the human body, serving as a talisman. And thanks to its durability, high-quality wooden beads can be passed down from generation to generation.

The "Viburnum tenderness" necklace will perfectly complement an embroidered shirt, add color to your image, emphasizing your femininity.
Material: painted wood, varnished