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Freedom Had a Price (English)

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Before the First World War, 170,000 Ukrainians came to Canada seeking freedom and a better life. Thousands soon found themselves branded enemy aliens in 24 internment camps set up by the government.

Freedom Had a Price tells the story. Between 1914 and 1920 about 80,000 Ukrainian immigrants were forced to register as enemy aliens, report regularly to the police and carry identity papers at all times. Over 5,000 were imprisoned in camps where the conditions were grim. Some died, many were sick or injured, and several were killed by guards while trying to escape.

Archival footage, vintage photographs and the compelling testimony of survivors weave a human story hat has all but disappeared from public consciousness. The commentary of prominent historians such as Desmond Morton and Donald Avery contribute to this award-winning film.


National Educational Media Network

42nd Annual Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Producers Yurij Luhovy and Don Haig (NFB)

Directed and Edited by: Yurij Luhovy