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Kryzhma - Geometric design

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30 in. square, white cotton cloth with lace edging has a embroidery design, with shades detail.
Traditionally, the godmother presents a receiving cloth called the kryzhma. When a child is baptized, the godmother receives the child from the priest in this. It is then given to the parents, and can only be used for this child. The kryzhma is the only object traditionally given by the godmother. Other gifts are spiritual ones - responsibility for the moral upbringing of the child, standing in for the parents when necessary, being present and giving gifts to the child on all ritual occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas.
Thus, in the ceremony, the baby is received into the kryzhma: the christening cloth, after being cleansed by holy water. This symbolizes the robe of Christ.
*A matching Christening Gown is available.