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Ukrainian Tarot Deck "Flower of the Magic Fern"

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This is Ukrainian Tarot 78-card deck. It is the first of its kind. A creation of the heart that shares the Classic Tarot cards expressed through the magic and vibrancy of Ukrainian culture, traditions, and our own Ukrainian ancestry.

Flower of the Magic Fern is a classic 78-card tarot deck. The structure is identical to the classic tarot deck, with both Major and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana is often complex and significant, with 22 cards to reveal the major life events and energies that are influencing what is happening now. Minor Arcana is presented through four elements - Air, Water, Fire and Earth with fourteen cards in each - Page to Ace. The role of each element is very specific, and as they have their own directions on the medicine wheel representing: Intellect, Emotions, Actions and Manifestation in the Material World.

Set includes:

78-card tarot deck
200 p booklet
one velvet Medicine Bag with gold engraving luxury matte box to keep the magic save