Lesia Fashions

Lesia Fashions is Back at Yevshan!

After 2 a year hiatus, we have incorporated our popular Lesia Fashion.com site with Yevshan.com to bring you and your family a large variety of nice, easy to wear embroidered shirts and blouses for Ladies, Men's, Girls and Boys.

We have renewed our partnership with the new owners of the Lesia Clothing Brand to bring you their latest collections.  Over 120 new and popular items are stocked (1) in all sizes in Lviv, Ukraine. Orders (2) are dispatched weekly from Ukraine to Yevshan, and upon receipt your orders will be shipped to you via Canada Post.

A flat shipping fee of $7.50 USD will be added to your order to cover separate shipping costs, regardless how many items you order in one shipment or how many other items you ordered from our site.

Please note: All sales are final. Please refer to the Size Guides provided for each product and remember that there is an approximate plus or minus of 2 cm in the dimensions. There are no exchanges or refunds on items in this Collections. (1) In case the item that you ordered is not in stock it will be made to order. This will add a few days in shipping. (2) Deliveries could take up to 3 weeks since the orders are processed in Lviv Ukraine, and shipped to our warehouse in Montreal. Once received they will be shipped to you upon receipt.

*To see clothing that is in our N American warehouse, please visit the "Clothing" category on the left.

Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91121486-S
Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91210602-S
Prix régulier $38.95 Item # 95512190-S
Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91121605-S
Prix régulier $28.95 Item # 91210601-S
Prix régulier $26.95 Item # 96211151-92
Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91121485-S
Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91121482-S
Prix régulier $38.95 Item # 94112191-S
Prix régulier $33.95 Item # 91621606-S
Prix régulier $28.95 Item # 91111480-S
Prix régulier $45.95 Item # 10121401-S