For Wedding or Shower


Some Suggestions

Fine Ukrainian style gifts are perfect for traditional wedding celebrations! Selections are available for shower gifts, for attendants (bridesmaids and ushers), and for the young couple.

For the shower or "Divych Vechir", consider a Ukrainian cookbook, the handy Daughter's Cookbook, or Ukrainian Christmas Eve cooking DVD. Lovely aprons, mits and dishtowels in traditional designs are both handy and decorative.

Homemakers will also appreciate a festive tablecloth, available in different styles and lengths.

Consider ceramic cookware, including casseroles, bowls, platters, napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, etc. are classics for entertaining during the holidays. (Please check for availability, as these items are not readily available)

For the Wedding: There is a selection of original artwork. Traditional woodcuts and linocuts by artist Vitaliy Lytvyn reflect traditional Ukrainian themes in black and white graphic designs, signed-limited editions. Or select a colorful lithograph, limited edition print by artist Larisa Sembaliuk. Lovely original watercolors and prints are available by artist Nadia Starovoytova, and original glass paintings by Natalia Khatsko.

For the wedding ceremony, there is an array of traditional icons to choose from, as well as ritual rushnyks for the starosty, for kneeling during the ceremony, for the tying of hands, icons, korovay, etc.

For attendants: For your bridesmaids, consider a traditional shawl, embroidered tricot T or pendant. For ushers, consider Ukrainian shotglasses or beersteins, or an embroidered T or tie.