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A satire of intellectuals, academics, policymakers, business people, and just about everyone else... including VIKTOR YANUKOVYCH!
ARDOR: Or How Would-Be Nobel Prize Winner C. Milosz Enjoyed the High Life with Low Life in Italy, Hobnobbed with a Viktor Yanukovych Look-Alike,and Met His Muse on the Rooftop of the Duomo. Anaphora Literary Press,
Chester Milosz, a very minor American poet who teaches at a very minorAmerican college and aspires to win the Nobel, receives an invitation toa meeting of global high-flyers at the Otto Nabokov Foundation's Ardor
Haus estate in Caravaggio, Italy. The organizers are Dickey Lemon, a British billionaire who made his fortune in hamster bedding, and Joe Zsasz, an ex-communist functionary-turned-international consultant. Theparticipants are a sundry collection of business people, policymakers,journalists, and academics involved in shady dealings with a corrupt
Eastern European president who closely resembles Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovych. Chester decides to go in the hope that a trip to northern Italy will help overcome his writer's block. While at Ardor Haus, he
experiences cultural misunderstandings, comic misadventures,near-encounters with inspiration, and three earthquakes. It eventually dawns on Chester that he's been confused with the Nobel Prize winner,
Czeslaw Milosz, and that the conference is an elaborate scam. After a major earthquake destroys Caravaggio, Chester finds his Muse on the rooftop of the Duomo in Milan.