Dyvo Pysanka

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Children's book with interesting Easter egg designs. Pysanka- an ancient Ukrainian tradition to paint eggs for Easter. The day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Easter - is one of the biggest Christian holidays, as it symbolizes the victory of life over death. Flip through this book in the spring, when nature wakes up from a long winter, revived and refreshed. Prepare in advance for Velykden with painted pysanky. For this holiday, one must bring to church an Easter basket to be blessed containing paska, salt, horseradish, sausage, ham and, of course, eggs. To make a pysanka, apart from motivation and excitement, one requires considerable patience and knowledge of the secrets of pysanky. This book not only introduces you to the the history of the art of pysanky, but also helps you master the basics. We wish you success, perseverance and inspiration!