Iryna Gakh, Damian Horniatkevych: Zhyttia I tvorchist

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For decades, the artist Damian Horniatkevych was virtually unknown in Ukraine for the simple reason
that he was strictly proscribed by Soviet authorities; he was not to be quoted or even mentioned.
Happily, the art historian Iryna Gakh discovered his correspondence in the Metropolitan Andrei
Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv and began a laborious search for Horniatkevych’s works. The result
is a detailed and richly illustrated monograph about this hitherto virtually unknown artist. The author
presents a comprehensive biography of the artist and a detailed analysis of his easel and monumental
works with detailed analysis of his stained glass windows.

Language :  Ukrainian 

Year Published: 2023

Format: Hard Cover

Size: 12"x8.5"

Number of pages: 134

Ірина Ґах, Дам’ян Горняткевич: Життя і творчість. (Львів: ЮЕКС, 2023) 136 сторінок, понад 110 ілюстрацій.

Текст українською, післямова також англійською.
Iryna Gakh, Damian Horniatkevych: Zhyttia I tvorchist. (Lviv: YuEKS, 2023) 136 pages, over 110 illustrations. In Ukrainian with an English summary.