The New Sound of Ethnic Ukraine

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This most unusual & innovative album by Max Chrony fuses pure ethnic-folk (traditional instruments & vocal) with pop, rock, rap and acid jazz! It begins with a selection punctuated by speech fragments of Yushchenko, and ends with vocal and acoustic selection "Razom nas bahato" (Greenjolly), with mainly instrumentals in between. This album is really in a category of its own! If you enjoy Haydamaky, you will appreciate this instrumental release as well. Fresh, different, and not disrespectful of past tradition, this rocks! Max spent quite a bit of time on the Majdan, and this experience inspired him to create an album of folk music in a contemporary arrangement, a modern framework. You will experience dance rhythms as well as more meditative numbers. Each composition is unique! From Carpathian kolomyjkas to a song combining many ethnic influences, and reflecting the spirit of the times. It's electronic...ethnic...art!