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Yaroslaw's Treasure

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On a visit to Ukraine to retrieve a family heirloom secretly buried by his grandfather during WW2, Yaroslaw, a Ukrainian-Canadian university student, stumbles into a world full of spies and secret organizations, peril and political intrigue. His discovery of the hidden cache yields clues to the location of a fabled lost treasure - the greatest in all of Europe. Working against time, Yaroslaw and a small band of accomplices struggle to uncover and save a nation's heritage, operating in secret to prevent the corrupt leaders of the government - and the Russians - from stealing it. Yaroslaw's Treasure is a thrilling suspense story set against the gripping drama of the Orange Revolution, the 2004 popular uprising that saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in Ukraine to overthrow a corrupt government and reinforce democracy in a land long occupied by repressive and foreign regimes. Rich with history, romance, politics and danger, this novel superbly captures the wonders and horrors of Ukraine's past, swirls through the treacherous currents of its present politics, all the while providing entertainment as a first rate thriller.