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Doing Bizness - A Nuclear Thriller

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Warhead engineer Anton Zvezda goes AWOL in disgust when his strategic nuclear bomber base mutinies against Moscow and declares loyalty to independent Ukraine. His only comfort after the nightmare of the Soviet Union’s collapse is his Russian Orthodox religion. But when a breakaway Ukrainian church brings signs of the apocalypse and threatens his faith, he puts his warhead skills to work on a terrifying plot.

A modern system for Kiev to keep track of what is suddenly the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal could help American military contractors Neil Neilson and Dan Kruger keep their jobs. It could also keep the world safe from would-be smugglers -- like the Ukrainian official who offers them enough bomb-grade uranium to wipe out a country.

But while Washington bureaucrats block their efforts, Iraqi spy Tariq abu Bakr is in Kiev to buy a Bomb for Baghdad – on pain of death – until the brilliant and beautiful Sveta learns the secret that can thwart his plans and achieve her own ambitions.

The USSR’s demise unleashed a flood of radioactive materiel that is still at risk for smuggling and diversion. Doing Bizness: A Nuclear Thriller is a story about how all that began. International intrigue, high-octane sex and a pair of monks on a mission, mix into a radioactive time bomb, propelling Doing Bizness to its startling, and deadly, conclusion. Based on true events – some surreal, others terrifying - it really could have happened.