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Authentic and Traditional Pierogi Recipe

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Pierogi have been shared over the dinner table in Ukraine, Poland and other Slavic countries since the Middle Ages. In fact, it has been part of the staple diet since this time. Back in those times Pierogi were only consumed by farmers and the poor, until one day someone of higher status tried one and fell in love at first bite! Today we are thankful because so many centuries of trial and error in Pierogi recipes have passed. Today Pierogi are loved all over the world! Now I want to share a wide variety of recipes with you, some dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many modern twists and variations to Pierogi, however my aim is to provide you with traditional and authentic recipes. Each and every recipe is easy to follow and can be simply created at home. All recipes in this book were given the tick of approval from my 89-year-old grandmother (Babcia). - Anna Novak