The Price of Freedom

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For hundreds of years, immigrants have been coming to America to gain greater freedom and to realize their dreams. Author Tatiana Lysenko is one of them. In The Price of Freedom, she provides a fictionalized account of her life story, recalling her childhood and youth, her successes and failures, and the eventual asylum she gained in the United States. Through the eyes of Slava, this narrative provides a look at a woman who considers herself a true Ukrainian, but with new views on the modern world that are not understood in the post-Communist society. She is suffocating in the society where she was born and seeks to find a new home where there is no persecution, where there would be no fear for the future and no bribery or corruption - a place where people live full lives rather than merely surviving. Slava discusses Ukrainian history, culture, and customs, while sharing how these not only shaped her life but affected her present and her future.